Our First User: Ping Sing Elementary School

After 6 weeks hard works of building(coding) our MVP(Minimum Viable Product), finally, we successfully delivered SensorWeb to our first user today. YAY!

Tony, a computer teacher in Ping Sing Elementary School, set up an air quality station SensorWeb Station 0330 for his school. Now we can check the PM2.5 data of the school on SensorWeb platform.

Next step, Tony and SensorWeb team will discuss how to use the air quality data to help students and school.

Tony is happy with our cute and useful station.

Tony is setting up the station.

The station is set.

The station looks good.

The station is running.

The corner where the station is set.

Tony’s SensorWeb page.

We have a new contributor for Project PM2.5.

The PM2.5 data in Ping Sing Elementary School.

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