SensorWeb in Maker Faire Taipei 2016

SensorWeb attended Maker Faire Taipei 2016. Got over 100 user feedbacks and learned a lot. Thank Kakashi, Sanchallenge, Jess, and Sandra for sharing SensorWeb to visitors. 😀

Kakashi, Sanchallenge, Jess, and Sandra.

So many visitors would like to understand what SensorWeb is.

Mark and Sanchallenge.

Evan and a kid would like to learn how to build a PM2.5 station with Arduino.

Mark and Jess.

Cindy and visitors.

Evan and Mark.

Kakashi loves the Firefox backpack.

Evan, Sanchallenge, Jess, Sandra, and Sandra, and Mark


  • Sandra


    I’ m very happy to join this event.

  • Evan Tseng


    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for your help.
    If you have any suggestion about SensorWeb, please let us know.

    You can join the SensorWeb Telegram group to discuss things with us. Team really would like to talk with contributors. See you there. 🙂

  • Steve Yang


    I would like to propose a project to map and record PM2.5 inside and outside the Daan Park. I should reveal the effect of trees, grass, and other vegetations on PM2.5 throughout the park, which is surrounded by heavy traffic on four sides. Perhaps some school-student has already done similar study?

    • sensorweb-admin


      Thanks for the suggestion! We did have some discussion about this hypnosis and performed a small experiment right in Daan park few weeks ago, but we didn’t the measurement during the low traffic hour is quite low that we couldn’t found obvious difference between road side and inside the park. We might return the park and perform the experiment again during rush hour in the future.


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